The Changing Seasons: September 2018

It has been an activity filled month! I can hardly believe it is October already, but here we are.  Before the month takes off, allow me to recap the month past with some of the highlights I’ve enjoyed, to share a little of my world with you.

Touching Beauty

There has been ample opportunity to indulge in music, art and poetry in September. Attended several concerts, one of which featured Margaret Leng Tan, the Queen of the  Toy Piano, playing in a unique repertoire written just for this instrument in Toy! Toy! Toy!

Enjoyed the sculptures of  Pablo Atchugarry, whose work is new to me. I previously posted about his work along Orchard Road, and above, the Feature Photo is a monochrome take on Il Fiore (Fire).

This has also been an intense month of Poetry Learning & Writing. I have been spending time working through Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled, relearning how to speak, recite & write in the English language. I am also thrilled to pieces that my poem The Shepherdess & the Harper was published in September’s issue of  Visual Verse.

Running for Charity

Loving Husband and I try to participate in charity races when we can, and this month saw us in several. We figured if we were going to spend money to run a race, it might as well be for a good cause.

I don’t consider myself a particularly vain person, but I am extremely tickled when I find photos of myself running – a fairly rare occurrence except that Running Hour & the Yellow Ribbon Run had photographers on site.

Enjoying Food

It has also been a good food month, trying lots of new things. Here are some of my mouthwatering delights!

This post is my contribution to the following:

  1. The Changing Seasons, hosted by Su at zimmerbitch
  2. One Word Sunday: Monochrome, hosted by Debbie at travelwithintent
  3. Tuesday Photo Challenge: Our World , hosted by Frank at dutchgoesthephoto

17 Replies to “The Changing Seasons: September 2018”

  1. WOW- you know my mouth is just watering over all that delicious looking food!!! I love that you and your husband do those charity runs together. Such good causes and fun memories! This is motivating me to get my run done now. Have a great week, Ju Lyn! 🙂

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