back to the museums

Our first family outing to a public place: the museum, of course. On this occasion, the Asian Civilizations Museum, to view the Jewellery gallery which was being renovated and reopened just a few days before Singapore imposed its Circuit Breaker (lockdown) in early April.

The approach to the museum was as entertaining as the galleries themselves, as we enjoyed the serene riverside boulevard all to ourselves, save for a lone runner zipping by. Safe distancing at its best!

Boat Quay, some distance away across the river.

After a satisfying visit to quiet galleries, we head back home to contemplate and plan our next outing.

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Distance hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

in search of Apple Pie

One of my fondest memories of living in Texas in the 1980s is dessert Pie. I took to this quintessential American dessert like a duck to water. Pumpkin, pecan, apple, rhubarb, key-lime, black bottom, peach, peanut butter … the list goes on. I abashedly claim that in my heyday, I polished off most of a full-size pumpkin pie! I paid for it shortly – I don’t think I touched another pumpkin pie for months after that.

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the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Mulling over the prompt for One Word Sunday: Patchwork hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent, I contemplated things that are made up of miscellaneous or incongruous parts, a hodgepodge perhaps, and yet these bits make up a coherent whole. And if you consider the Aristotelian idea of synergy, we could end up with a great deal more, and perhaps even better, than what we started with.

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