The Changing Seasons: December 2018

My excuse for this late post (for which I beg your forgiveness & indulgence) is that it has been a whirlwind of a month, filled with hearty eating & congenial revelry in London.  It has been a precious time with adventuresome Older & Younger Daughters, in part with Loving Husband: enjoying catch-up with family & old friends, delighting in the festivities of the season, and welcoming the Christ-child into our midst.

It has been a month of sublime discoveries as we reacquainted ourselves with this vibrant city, all the treasures we find on an almost daily basis, one of which was the Garden of Rest, a little corner of Marlebone High Street, near Marlebone Road (see above Feature Photo). This small garden contains various gravestones & memorials, one of which is to Charles Wesley (1707- 1788), one of the greatest hymn writers, credited with 8,989 hymns (Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing, Christ the Lord is Risen Today).

And of course, there is the food. Whenever we gathered, wherever we went, we sat at the table and broke bread together. Here are some of the December highlights:


Thank you, Su, for hosting The Changing Seasons month after month; for giving us something special to look forward to!


Wishing all you lovelies a wonderful 2019 to come!





Finding Treasure: Running along the Canal

The canal starting in the Paddington basin is one of my favourite places to run in London. I love the cobblestone paths, eerie quiet and charming houseboats as I am transported to a different time & place. One of the many delights of this vibrant & historical city. Continue reading “Finding Treasure: Running along the Canal”

Finding Treasure: Kenwood House

Tucked away in Hampstead Heath, not far at all from Central London, is this treasure called Kenwood House. I have frequented Hampstead on several occasions but always for the express purpose of singing Sacred Harp at Heath Street Baptist Church.  I had no idea that just a few minutes further down the road is countryside views which are unexpected and stunning, till a Hospitable Friend brought us to explore this lovely heritage home and her grounds, which are reminiscent of the Regency movies & books I love so much. Continue reading “Finding Treasure: Kenwood House”

The Changing Seasons: November 2018

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Singapore anymore”

Borrowed from Frank L Baum’s Wizard of Oz


In a blink of an eye, we find ourselves transported from tropical heat to wintery enchantment. We are in London to enjoy a few months with Beloved Aunt & Uncle, to experience the Christmas season in a much cooler fashion than afforded in sunny Singapore. Continue reading “The Changing Seasons: November 2018”

The Changing Seasons: October 2018

It has been an eventful month, filled with music & literary events, peppered with crafty endeavours, visits with friends, good food shared. And yet, instead of being exhausted, I feel quite exhilarated. I owe this energy in part to new iron supplements; the old ones made me a little sick, so I took them sporadically. This new formulation seems to sit well with me, and hence, more energy to keep going! Continue reading “The Changing Seasons: October 2018”