Circles of Life

Feature Photo is entitled Control by Nakamura Ryuji. It is one of the works shown at the Takeo Paper Show: Subtle Delicate or Infinitesimal.

This past December while in London, I had the chance to visit this incredible exhibition at Japan House. All the exhibits rested on custom built tables which were masterpieces in themselves. The works were created by living artists, working in paper, across many disciplines: art, animation, architecture, fashion, graphic design and literature.

It was such a feast for the senses – unfortunately,  I wasn’t able to capture these creations with my camera phone, due to lack of focus (lots of stunned gawking) & skill (sigh … no excuses).  Here is a link which might give you a taste of some of these wonderful creations.

I am thinking of this exhibition on account of Debbie’s One-Word Sunday: Circles, as the above work is made up of such tiny rings of paper.

In thinking of Circles, I think of several close friends who have lost loved ones just this year.  Younger Daughter has become quite philosophical about the many wakes we’ve attended, and she comforts us all by reminding us that it is all part of the Circle of Life.


Surprising Contrasts

There I am minding my footfall on the rocky slightly uneven trail when a unlikely flash of red stops me dead. On the usually quiet way from Dairy Farm Nature Park to Zhenghua Nature Park is a digger doing its work.
It occurs to me that the idea of refurbishing nature is quite funny, and not a little ironical.  But I suppose with rain and erosion, it is necessary to keep our trails well-maintained for safety reasons. Still. It is just an interesting contrast in sight & thought.

This is my contribution to Debbie’s One-Word Sunday challenge: Contrast

Beauty of Night Lights

I love it when history & art collide! These art skins on monuments are part of the Light to Night Festival (28 Jan-24 Feb 2019).  This is an annual urban art event that highlights the beautiful historic buildings in the Civic District; we look forward to this stunning light up as it provides the occasion & route to run with friends to view, gawk & simple be amazed.

This is my contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Night.

Feature Photo: art skins projected on the Old Supreme Court which is now part of the National Gallery of Singapore.


Voyage through the Stars

I have been reminded time and again how mind-expanding & soul-nourishing travel is for the soul. Whether we physically go to another locale, or watch a movie, or read a book, or view art that transports us elsewhere, it is a joy & delight to immerse ourselves in a different world.

The above installation is called Good Fortune, and forms part of the iLight Singapore Festival.  As a bit of a science fiction geek in my youth, it gives me warm fuzzies to walk under it as it forms a celestial canopy over the Elgin Bridge Underpass along the Singapore River.

This is my contribution to Debbie‘s One Word Sunday challenge.

The Changing Seasons: December 2018

My excuse for this late post (for which I beg your forgiveness & indulgence) is that it has been a whirlwind of a month, filled with hearty eating & congenial revelry in London.  It has been a precious time with adventuresome Older & Younger Daughters, in part with Loving Husband: enjoying catch-up with family & old friends, delighting in the festivities of the season, and welcoming the Christ-child into our midst. Continue reading “The Changing Seasons: December 2018”