The Changing Seasons: November 2019

And just like that, it is December.

I have been sad this week: one friend died after a long battle with cancer. Another died unexpectedly while on vacation overseas.. Although neither are bosom buddies, I have shared time & space with both and their departures have wrenched at my being.

As I close this month with a Thanksgiving celebration with friends & family, I give thanks through tears and a heavy heart that I have the gift of health and time with loved ones. For each minute and each hand I hold, I am grateful.

As always in these times, music and the written word provide some comfort: Time Problem by Brenda Hillman speaks some peace to me, as does this classic by Simon & Garfunkel, given a new sound by Pentatonix.

This post is my contribution to The Changing Seasons hosted by Su at zimmerbitch.

The Changing Seasons: October 2019

Highlight of my October is Younger Daughter & Grandparents’ (plus Me) Trip to Tokyo. We had 5 nights at Tokyo Disney Resort, 5 nights in Chiba (千葉市 Chibashi).

I haven’t been back to Japan since 2007 so was feeling a little apprehensive over my lack of the language. A Friend who visits the country several times each year assured me that that I would be fine, and after all, I was going to The Happiest Place on Earth (and she wasn’t referring to Disneyland).

Shortly upon arrival, I was reminded of how gracious the Japanese are – immigration is the most orderly and courteous I’ve encountered ever. I found this true throughout our visit as we encountered a variety of service people and folks on the street who were eager to help despite language barriers.

And of course, starting our trip in Tokyo Disney Resort was an easy way to ease ourselves into the swing of things.

Chiba-shi is the capital of Chiba prefecture.  It afforded many conveniences without a big city feel. Running through the smaller streets gave me a chance to discover havens of greenery & beauty.

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