cross at the light

My 21 year old Conscientious Daughter waits at traffic lights and will not cross before the Green Man appears even if there are no cars on the road. I find this very endearing as I will jaywalk in a heartbeat. This behaviour gives her a considerable amount of consternation, especially if I am dragging her along with me.  Much like how I feel when my Flamboyant Father pulls me across a traffic-laden Hanoi road because (he assures me) “the cars and bikes will avoid us”.

Traffic crossings –  zebra crossings, pelican crossings, toucan crossings – are these suggestions or imperatives? I guess depending on whether we are in Singapore, or in Hanoi, or in the UK, there are different levels of compliance and expectations for motorists as well as pedestrians.

What is it like where you live? How is the best way for a pedestrian to cross the road?

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Cross hosted by Deb at TravelWithIntent.

Feature Photo is taken at the pedestrian crossing connecting Orchard Gateway across Orchard Road.