from my window

I cannot let LittlePiecesOfMe’s LPM Photo Adventure: Sunrise/Sunset for March pass by without contributing this once (had every intention to make several contributions, but the month just slipped away from me) as I adore Sunrises & Sunsets: the images they create as well as the symbolism they hold.

As I peer out my window trying to catch the sun setting above the 7th floor treeline, I look for the parakeets making a ruckus as they play and feed this evening. Instead, I spot a couple of doves quietly roosting. 


Today is Day 3 of  Isolation in my bedroom – I have to remain here for another 3 days. Meanwhile, life for the rest of my family continues outside my door while we laugh and joke from afar.

I developed a sore throat last Thursday. Which quickly became a cough and a stuffy nose. The warning bells began. When a fever started on Saturday, we quickly moved me into my bedroom and everyone else out to the rest of the apartment. On the surface that sounds fairly simple, but because my bedroom is where we all seem to congregate & hangout, it was a sizeable chore.

Spoke to Cousin Doc 1 that evening and made a plan. Went to see Cousin Doc 2 on Sunday morning for him to check me out. He wrote a referral letter and sent me to the Singapore General Hospital to get tested for the Covid19 virus, as I “had a significant fever (above 38 degrees C) and respiratory symptoms”.  Although my fever had pretty much abated by then, he was concerned that whatever virus I might have may have gone to my lungs. Given my previous hospitalisation and history, he didn’t want to take any chances.

So, Loving Husband dropped me off at the hospital A&E. I spent the next three hours going through the paces of screening: swab for testing, chest x-ray, consult with the doctors. As I was not in any discomfort, I could marvel at the efficiency & professionalism with which the health workers did their work in a diagnostic facility converted from a multi-story carpark.

In retrospect, my intellectual detachment was in part a defence mechanism to the situation I found myself. Just the night before, I had written farewell letters to my family in case my illness turned badly like it did the last time (I went from a GP visit in the afternoon to being warded in the ICU that very night). But all things said, I was very appreciative of the care I received and the consideration that was afforded me.

My chest x-ray came back clear. I was discharged to go home to wait for the results of the Covid19 swab.

The results are supposed to be out within 3 days. But Cousin Docs said that if I tested positive, an ambulance would come to whisk me off to a quarantine facility within 24 hours. 

It has been more than 24 hours and I am still at home.  My congestion has subsided, my head has cleared and energy levels have returned. I have to stay home for another 3 days before I can contemplate going out for a run or to pick up groceries. 

I am luckier than most: a comfortable place to hang out, nature & her diversions just outside my window, loved ones to cater to my needs. And now, I have first-hand experience at a Covid19 diagnostic facility. For these, I am grateful.

I also give thanks to those who are toiling to fight this crisis all over the world. I salute you for the sacrifices and risks you take as you work towards the care of those of us in need.

To fellow-stayhomers, I wish you safety and wellness, as you bring light in your own ways in a time where hope is very much needed.

Flowers for the Lunar New Year

We have worked hard to eliminate one-use plastics in our home: silicon baggies to replace ziplocks (and when we do have to use ziplocks, we wash and reuse them as much as we can), reusable bags for groceries, forks/spoons/straws/collapsable containers in our daypacks/handbags to avoid using disposables when we eat out and when we have leftovers. And yet it seems we are making hardly a dent.

I am all for beautifying our city, especially during Christmas, and currently, the Lunar New Year. I do wonder whether the resources we expend could perhaps be better spent elsewhere. Given all that is happening around the world, is there room left for impartiality? It feels like time for desperate change. How will I answer the call to make a real difference to our hurt and faltering earth?

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Plastic hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.