take time for waffle and ice-cream

Lunch date.

A few days ago, Loving Husband & I spent all morning rushing around with errands  (he is on Summer Break). When we had a minute to breathe, this is where we found ourselves: at The Daily Scoop to share a Churros Waffle (think: crispy on the outside, light inside, smothered in cinnamon sugar. And a scoop of ice cream each: Simply Chocolate for him, Unusually Apple for me. Bliss!

What did you have for lunch today?

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Museum of Islamic Art Malaysia

We had the recent occasion to visit one of my favourite museums when we popped into Kuala Lumpur on the way home from our Ipoh/Penang family road trip.

Filled with beautiful treasures curated thoughtfully.

Stunning ceilings & courtyard as well.

Although the museum is not nearly as large as the Victoria & Albert, the British Museum or the Tate Modern (which are some of our favourite places to visit), we could not get to everything exhibited even though we visited over 2 days. A satisfying and brain-tickling revisit.

Feature Photo: Blue Dome found on the roof top courtyard.

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The Changing Seasons: June 2019

Allow me to introduce my kooky family (me in the back row, tucked in the middle, Mom & Dad in front, Little Bro on my right, Little Sis on my Left). It took a whole series of shots amidst hysterical giggling as Loving Husband frantically tried to get a decent shot in where everyone’s eyes were open.

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It’s been a while since all 5 of us have been in one timezone to breathe the same air, share mindspace & sofaspace, and break bread together. And boy! did we do just that in abundance when we took at week to travel to Penang & Ipoh. Time with these folks is my highlight for June.

Apart from much laughter & bonding, we partook of delectable goodies. Here are a few:

And our Family Anthem to end:

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