on the way to Tokyo Disneyland

Still thinking about Disney & Japan, one of my favourite memories from our trip in October 2019 to the Tokyo Disney Resort is my morning run.

Each of the 5 mornings we were staying at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, an official Resort Hotel, I ran around the bay exploring the different nooks & cranies, always ending up at the JR Mahaima Station/Resort Gateway.

Disney Resort Line at the Resort Gateway
Part of the Urayasu Sports Park, near Tokyo Disney Resort.

There were several eateries there which served up breakfast, but my favourite place was New Days, a conbi store (convenience store, very much like 7Eleven) which had everything from onigiri to pasta to yogurt to sandwiches to pastries to fruit; and of course, a range of coffees and teas that could cross your eyes. Everything and anything one would want for breakfast.

Ikspiari is Tokyo’s Disney Village, adjacent to the JR station and Disney Resort Line. This was my view from the combi store.

Lead Photo is the entrance of Bon Voyage, the Disney store near the JR station at the Resort Gateway. All these were taken on my morning run, before the crowds have descended.

Finally, a few hours later, this is more familiarly Disney.

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13 Replies to “on the way to Tokyo Disneyland”

  1. Sounds like a fabulous vacation. We went to the Florida Disney World a few years ago. It was quite the experience. All I can remember is that it was so unbelievably hot and humid. And we went in mid-October no less.

    Mr. Ken and I would like to go back around Christmastime since the decorations are supposed to be fabulous. Although, I think that trip is still a few years way, given the Covid situation.



    1. We visited the Florida parks decades ago – in the summer!!!!! Very hot & humid. I guess the weather is still very warm in October!

      I remember (as a young adult) that the parks were immense and in retrospect, remember only feelings and impressions from our 1-week stay. Too many rides & shows in too many days!

      But we do love our Disney vacations! Christmas time is filled with ambience and we love the vibe at that time of year.

      Maybe when travel is possible again, you could consider venturing to Disney in Tokyo or Hong Kong or Shanghai?


  2. love these fun photos of this famous themepark
    – d it is amazing how quiet it is on the early mornings
    also – the combi store sounds interesting – and to compare it with 7-11 stood out to me because i head the US 7-11’s chain is owned by Japan and second, even tho 7-11 offers food some would say it is some of the worst food ever – but maybe the 7-11s vary place to place


      1. oh that is great – the food here at 7-11 is chemical food – pizza dn chicken wings sitting under a glass heated area for hours and hours
        and nacho cheese that has weird ingredients –
        but sounds iek japan ones are awesome


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