All That is Hidden

On Monday night, Younger Daughter & I strolled in the Singapore Botanic Gardens in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.  24 September is chosen for this celebration as the moon is supposed to be at her brightest. When I took the above photo, the clouds had hidden her briefly before she  was allowed to shine again.

Younger Daughter with her KittyKat Lantern

Experiences like these inevitably bring my thoughts back to my  ICU experience last year. As I was intubated for so long, I had completely lost my voice when I came out of the coma.

During recuperation, all my energy went into rehab and I did not have space & time to ask Why? this had all happened to me much. This is not to say I did not have bad days. Fortunately, they were far and few between.

I found the sheet music to this song on my piano top (left by divine providence through my Older Daughter).

“All that is hidden will be made clear, all that is dark now will be revealed.”

One of my rehab priorities was to recover my voice. Apart from breathing exercises to strengthen my lungs, we thought singing might help reactivate the vocal cords. Singing through this song countless times was a balm for my emotional as well physical healing.

This post is submitted in response to

  1. Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Hidden
  2. Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Light & Dark

5 Replies to “All That is Hidden”

  1. Ju Lyn, I’m not sure how I missed that you were in the ICU- I am going to read that post now. I am going to guess it was when I had stepped away from blogging a bit when work was getting so intense. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, but I’m thankful you’re okay! Your daughter is adorable with that kitty lantern. How fun!


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