Playing with Purple

I love purple. Here are some purple pretties I found this week.


Feature Photo was a fallen flower on a trail at  Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Written in response to the following challenges:

  1. Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Purple
  2. Frank Jansen‘s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Trio


The Changing Seasons: October 2018

It has been an eventful month, filled with music & literary events, peppered with crafty endeavours, visits with friends, good food shared. And yet, instead of being exhausted, I feel quite exhilarated. I owe this energy in part to new iron supplements; the old ones made me a little sick, so I took them sporadically. This new formulation seems to sit well with me, and hence, more energy to keep going! Continue reading “The Changing Seasons: October 2018”

Night Reflection

I find night shots rather challenging. This one taken of Loving Husband while we were out on our run, in front of the Singapore Art Museum during the Singapore Night Festival in August is one of my more credible attempts. The light & sound display,  Odyssey by Arnaud Pottier & Timothy Mironneau was a spectacular illumination off this historic building. The amount of light coming from the buildings and the reflection from the glass and water feature provided better lighting than most night scenes. Continue reading “Night Reflection”

Go Big: Lily Pads

There are several water features around the Singapore Botanic Gardens which sport lily pads. Every time I run or walk past, I cannot help but look to see if there is a frog sitting on a pad. This all started when Loving Husband quipped some time back: “Have you actually seen a frog sitting on a lily pad?” Many cartoons later, I realised it was a phenomenon I’d never actually witnessed. Since then, it has become reflexive for us both to look when we pass by a pond. Continue reading “Go Big: Lily Pads”

Nature as Muse

I loved the ocean as a child; we spent many happy weekends playing in the sun & sand, building sandcastles and eating sand-flecked chicken stew which my mother lovingly cooked & my father painstakingly carried to our picnic mat under a shady tree.  We took many seaside resort holidays, walking on many stretches of beach,  filling our buckets with treasures and poking at strange creatures in tide pools with our toes, fingers and sticks. Continue reading “Nature as Muse”

Lift Me Up! 5 Minutes with Mama & Child

I run past this sculpture often; it is one of my favourite features in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. In consideration of  Dutch Goes The Photo‘s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Lift, I stopped this morning to revisit with Mama & Child. I previously posted a similar series of photos almost a year ago. If you take a look, you can see that the shrubs have lushly grown around it; one of the reasons I love outdoor art – the work evolves as the environment changes around it. Continue reading “Lift Me Up! 5 Minutes with Mama & Child”

Homemade Muesli

It all started when the store ran out of my regular muesli. After several trips to check on availability of My Favourite Brand, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and research making my own muesli. To my surprise (and delight!), I discovered just how easy it is to throw together my personalised concoction. I don’t know if My Favourite Brand ever came back onto the shelves; I haven’t looked. Continue reading “Homemade Muesli”