About Ju-Lyn Tan

Eating, Running & Living in Singapore

It is no surprise that I find myself obsessed with food – after all, I am a Singaporean. We are a people who hold animated conversations about food while we are eating, who would comb the island far & wide chasing the promise of great food!

Beef & Chicken Satay from our favourite Satay Solo, Serangoon Gardens Market

I grew up in a Foodie Home: Father ate anything that moved, and then some. Mother was a published Food Critic & homechef extraordinaire. Both my siblings attacked their meals with a great deal of vigour, leaving me the picky eater of the family. At Japanese restaurants, I would be the only one who did not touch the sashimi, or any suspicious looking morsels (of which there were many). When eating Teochew porridge, I couldn’t cope with the bony fish or the goose wings, items which were highly prized.

It has come full circle.  As a Wife and Mother trying to feed her family with healthy meals, I find myself faced with the challenges of cooking for four people with very different palates. Being mostly vegetarian & sometimes pescatarian, it is interesting feeding Carnivorous Husband & Daughters.

Overlooking Symphony Lake, Singapore Botanic Gardens

I have always enjoyed drooling over cookbook photos. Eversince Older Daughter introduced me to Instagram last year, it has been a daily orgy of yummies! Being part of this community has inspired me to try different foods and aspire to be mindful of my eating. While there are still lots of things I would not eat, there are many others which I have come to enjoy.

Which leads me to the Running.  Loving Husband & I like to joke that we run so that we can continue to eat the things we enjoy.  The reality is that our metabolisms are not what they used to be and so we help it along any way we can.  That said, we do enjoy being out there and hitting the pavement, albeit very slowly in my case.   I also enjoy running for the Me-time it affords.  Of late, I have also discovered the joy of running with others as we serve to inspire and push each other to go just a little further or a little faster.

The Instagram & WordPress communities have transformed my thinking about my approach to food, running & to a larger extent, life. I have become more reflective and purposeful in the things I choose to do each day.  I choose to leave a pile of laundry so that I can colour with Younger Daughter.  I choose to heat up leftovers instead of cooking a fresh meal so that I play music with Older Daughter.  I choose to give up a lazy evening watching a movie so that Loving Husband & I can run together.  It’s all about purposeful choices.

Lemon Cupcakes drizzled with Lemon icing, topped with fresh fruit, lovingly made by Younger Daughter, a morning’s worth of fun!

In the attempt to give back a little of what these communities have given me, I have committed to this blog so that I may share what I have gained and hopefully, to encourage someone else on their journey.

Come along for the ride?


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  1. Your interest in running makes me want to recommend reading Haruki Murakami’s What I Think About When I Think About Running. If you decide to give it a try, let me know what you think. 🙂


  2. Hi Ju-Lyn Tan

    Thanks for the follow! How have you been and how’s your blog doing?
    I created a blogger tips group to connect with all my long last WordPress blogger friends, and to help all of us to learn from each other. I would love for you to share your knowledge in the group and connect with other bloggers. Here’s the link:
    Blogger Tips Group

    Finally, here’s a blog I thought you may find interesting:
    The Ripple Effect of Blogging

    Best regards,
    Founder of Healthy Living

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