Refashioning Rules

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As I ran down Orchard Road this morning, I mulled over Debbie’s OneWordSunday prompt, Rules.  I have, at the behest of Older Daughter who is my consultant in all things poetic, started reading & working through Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within. Reacquainting myself with metre & rhyme will hopefully give me more control; if I want to play outside the box, it would be good to first get to know the box.

When I chanced upon these temporary sculptures by Pablo Atchugarry, I had to stop and gawk. I love the lines & textures & fluidity of each sculpture as one walks around them. My time with them reinforced my pondering that in order to push limits, to refashion rules, one must first have mastery over them.

The sculpture which caught my particular attention is called Naturaleza (Nature), 2000, Statuary Carrara Marble, 282x109x80cm. I was very taken by how the various angles look like many different works? This is my contribution to Delsey Jane’s regularrandom.

The poem is my contribution to Amanda‘s September prompt to pen a limerick on the topic of Seasons. I did have every intention to try a limerick but Stephen Fry’s call to try practice the iambic pentameter got the better of me. In considering the seasons, my poetic journey is an awakening from a winter’s hibernation to a flurry of springtime activity.

To close this post, here is a mash up The Piano Guys of Vivaldi’s Winter & Frozen’s Let it Go, to celebrate the changing of seasons and the refashioning of rules.

Feature Photo: another view of Naturaleza by Pablo Atchugarry.

20 Replies to “Refashioning Rules”

  1. I love that line “art requires rules remade”. I am just dipping my toes into those waters now and since I don’t know any rules, I guess I can make it up as I go along 🙂

    … a great piece of music. Very stirring for this early morning hour!


      1. I admit I don’t have a clue what I’m doing and I’ve been looking at art classes. I’ve identified one I’m quite interested in but I haven’t registered yet. There is something holding me back … “fear”? I know I’m supposed to be all about stepping outside of my comfort zone, but I sometimes I have to really talk myself up to get there!!


  2. Truly marvellous statues, love how the different views allow for a different perspective! Naturaleza ist favourite I think. And I like the notion of having to know the box one wants to get out of. 😉


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