on the way to Tokyo Disney Resort & Chiba City

It has been good fun poring over photos from our Japan trip in October 2019, thanks to Amanda & Sandy‘s Friendly Friday Blogging Challenge: On Your Way.

Princess-obsessed Younger Daughter chose to take her Granddaughter-Grandparent trip to Tokyo Disney Resort & Chiba City.

On our way to Tokyo (Singapore Changi Airport, 29 Sep 2019)

From left, clockwise: Myokenhongu Chiba Shrine, bridge over Miyako River, Chiba City, and Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes at Tokyo Disneyland (contributions to Water Water Everywhere hosted by Jez)

On the way home (Singapore Changi Airport, 9 Oct 2019)

I was the hesitant tagalong (I didn’t want to cramp The Princess’ style) but am so glad I was included as I had a most fabulous time!

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