Monday Mural: Disney Resort Line

Thanks to Amanda & Sandy, I am still thinking about our trip to Tokyo Disney & Chiba City in Oct 2019.

For my contribution to Monday Mural, here is DisneyPrincess Younger Daughter, on the way back to the hotel via the Disney Resort Line, after buying her trip souvenir at Bon Voyage, the Gateway Disney store.

Disney Resort Line, Resort Gateway, Oct 2019

We rode this resort train numerous times over the 5 days we stayed the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay.

There are only 4 stations on this loop and it only goes in one direction, which we found curious and fascinating. What it meant was having to ride all the way around the loop to get to the stop we wanted, even if it were the station just right next to ours.

The mural pictured in the Lead Photo was at the Resort Gateway Station.

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18 Replies to “Monday Mural: Disney Resort Line”

  1. You were definitely on your way on that train. A train dedicated to Mickey Mouse. That is very iconic for Disney isn’t it? I was at one time going to visit this theme park, but decided against it. Younger daughter was not really into rides. Most kids would love it though. As no doubt your daughter did. Lots of fun and thanks for sharing this for Friendly Friday.


  2. Lovely mural and love the Mickey ears train holders. I visited Disney world in Florida, many, many years ago when my kids were small.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Ju-Lyn.


  3. Oh Ju-Lyn, this is a fabulous mural. Your daughter looks like she is having fun, too. I especially LOVED the doors. But that mural was great, too.


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