fruit of a different route

I am a creature of habit. If left unchecked, I will drive by familiar roads, walk by the same paths, cook tried & tested family favourites. Yet, because someone wise told me long ago that I should break routine at least once a day for the purposes of stimulating  creativity, I try to shake it up a little when I can. Continue reading “fruit of a different route”

Lift Me Up! 5 Minutes with Mama & Child

I run past this sculpture often; it is one of my favourite features in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. In consideration of  Dutch Goes The Photo‘s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Lift, I stopped this morning to revisit with Mama & Child. I previously posted a similar series of photos almost a year ago. If you take a look, you can see that the shrubs have lushly grown around it; one of the reasons I love outdoor art – the work evolves as the environment changes around it. Continue reading “Lift Me Up! 5 Minutes with Mama & Child”

Giant Among Men: 5 Minutes with The Lady

I love how inspiration flows through the WordPress community: a word, an image, a piece of music to lighten the day, to illuminate the dark, to compel us to be better than ourselves.

Thinking particularly of Debbie at TravelwithIntent‘s One Word Sunday Challenge for this week: Giant. Her spread featuring Botero’s audacious & curvy giants delighted and inspired me to post my series: Women in the Next Three Decades. Continue reading “Giant Among Men: 5 Minutes with The Lady”