Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Syrup Frosting

May your Thanksgiving Celebrations be filled with much love & joy!

Crazy Little Cupcakes

The month of November is a season of being thankful.  We celebrate many birthdays: Dad, Por Por, Godma, Aunty Kem and Aunty Janice. We are grateful for them in our lives!

I am also excited because every Thanksgiving we go to Aunty Janey’s home.  Aunty Janey is a great baking friend.  This cupcake is inspired by the pumpkin pie she makes.  Pumpkins also remind me of Fall, so this is a good time to make it.

Hope you enjoy this tasty cake!  Love, Jo

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Run in the mud: Nanowrimo Update Day 20

I haven’t had a good mud run in a long long time.  So much so that I actually considered putting my shoes through the washing machine, to my Loving Husband’s chagrin.

Breaking patterns and doing something quite different is good for one’s soul, if not for keeping shoes clean.   When the road seems never-ending and fatigue starts to set in, it is time to do something completely different. The anxiety over breaking routine, followed by the exhilaration of the novelty; result:  invigoration! Continue reading “Run in the mud: Nanowrimo Update Day 20”

Nanowrimo Day 6 Update: Giving Thanks

This is an old familiar bench on Saraca Stream Walk, found close to the Tanglin Gate of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  Just five months ago, this was a rest stop for me on my recuperative walks.  As I run past this bench this morning, I cannot help but pause to give thanks.  To remember gasping as I took each slow step, wobbling and trying to keep balance, determined not to have to hold on to Loving Husband for support.  For more details, follow this link. Continue reading “Nanowrimo Day 6 Update: Giving Thanks”

Cute Halloween Cupcakes

Younger Daughter and I share our love of baking cupcakes in this blog. This one is for those who are gearing up for Halloween.

Crazy Little Cupcakes

It will be Halloween soon, and I have never made ghost-y cupcakes before.  So I decided this year I would try.  These cute cupcakes are for some spooky fun.  Hope you enjoy them.  Trick or Treat!  Love, Jo

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