sharing space with otters

One of the thrills of running in the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the number of critters one might encounter. Through the years, it has been our joy to chance upon our resident family of Smooth-Coated Otters.

To watch them romp & play, or marvel at how they continue to nap despite the number of excited passer-bys, or gape at them devouring the dwindling koi in the ponds is to nudge against a world not quite ours. To share moments in time & space with these marvellous creatures is a balm for the spirit.

Amanda & Sandy, while they are not quite what we think of as sea creatures, I hope you will find them an acceptable inclusion in Friendly Friday Photos: Seas Creatures as their habitats do include waterways, fresh as well as oceanic.

15 Replies to “sharing space with otters”

  1. Otters are some of my favorite critters. I was lucky enough to see a sea otter when I backpacked the lost coast. It was one of the best days of the trip! Lucky for you to frequently see theses guys 💕


      1. I also saw a raft of them when a friend of mine and I went sea kayaking in Alaska in the Beardslee Islands! I have not posted about that on this blog, but will some time soon. I didn’t get any snaps of them because I was in the kayak. It was INCREDIBLE.


  2. These critters are so absolutely adorable, aren’t they? One cannot help but love them. Of course they are acceptable to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, as you are totally free to interpret the challenge prompt how you see fit. There are no rules around the interpretation! The pingback didn’t work for some reason, (good old wordpress glitches), but I am glad I found your post, as I would not have wanted to miss out on seeing these cuties. Lucky to have the family in your zoo and watch them progress. Incidentaly are the cages air condtioned? I thought they were naturally more prevalent in colder climates?


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