Lights, Camera, Action!

What started out as an excruciatingly hot and laborious run (our bad for starting out an hour later than we planned) became the setting & stage for lots of action shots this morning at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

As we rounded the corner to The LookOut Point in the Learning Forest extension of the gardens, we were surprised & delighted by these three rather large otters romping & playing, completely unabashed and unafraid of their audience.

Loving Husband got rather close, as did some other avid photographers with their fancy cameras.
Having so much fun!

Much later, at Swan Lake, I was tickled to find this little guy having a good feed!

Otter munching on koi for brekkie.

These are my contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday Challenge for this week: Action

Feature photo of the Jungle Fowl take.n at the Tanglin Entrance of the Singapore Botanic Gardens by Loving Husband.

15 Replies to “Lights, Camera, Action!”

  1. Such wonderful photos, Ju-Lyn!! I love otters but have never seen them in the wild and only in zoos. Must be so lovely to have all this wildlife around you whilst running.😄


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