You make me Laugh!

There is something about the animal antics which inspire a smile, a chuckle, and sometimes, outright laughter. Take a look at humorous captures of captivating critters by Debbie at travelwithintent. Perusing and chuckling at these inspired me to post my own critter capture in response to her One Word Sunday Challenge: Humor.

Another favourite blogger & friend, Sarah at secretartexpedition paints & photographs cute critters as well. Take a look at her adorable mice and her soulful water-colour of elephants, which I thought of when I heard Henry Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk on the radio this morning. He wrote this as part of a score for a film called Hatari (1962). Adorable!

Feature Photo:  “What? Time to wake up?!!! Now?” Otters napping in the Learning Forest, Singapore Botanic Gardens, until I chanced by and disturbed their slumber.

9 Replies to “You make me Laugh!”

  1. Your otters are adorable, Ju-Lyn! The expression is priceless! 😄 And thank you so much for providing the links to my posts!! I think we both would have such a lovely time going on a critter phototour together! 😄💕


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