The Changing Seasons: October 2018

It has been an eventful month, filled with music & literary events, peppered with crafty endeavours, visits with friends, good food shared. And yet, instead of being exhausted, I feel quite exhilarated. I owe this energy in part to new iron supplements; the old ones made me a little sick, so I took them sporadically. This new formulation seems to sit well with me, and hence, more energy to keep going!

Being on the go has its perks: like the above sight, which made my morning! Along one of my typical run routes, I chanced upon an otter trying to get out out of Swan Lake. I looked on in amused empathy as I recall on many occasions trying to hoist myself out of a swimming pool. In my mind, I was sleekly & gracefully rising from the water like Botticelli’s Venus. In reality, it was scrambling in numerous attempts to clamber out onto the slippery tiles, then furtively sneaking glances to see if anyone noticed my labour.

The slippery critter emerges!

I chuckle as I consider this metaphor: things are better played in my head, but life is so much more entertaining!

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    1. I think humour is the only way to go given than the alternative would lead to extreme despair given that I have to be one of the most clumsy persons ever (I donโ€™t need cracks in three pavement to trip, although I have to say I have perfected the art of stumbling without incidence)

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