It snowed in London this past weekend. Vivacious Aunt sent a video of the falling snowflakes with much glee.

Younger Daughter sighed at the sight of the patio covered in white snow, and bemoaned: “And we are not there”.

In saner times we would be in London for an extended visit (late Nov through mid Feb). But this is a crazy season, and we find ourselves separated from our loved ones, and can only pray them safe and well.

Missing our London friends & family, and pondering over Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Stacks or Blocks, I recall a visit 2 years ago to the British Library.

These stacks are a feature in the British Library and can be viewed through tall glass walls. They are working stacks which house The King’s Library, the collection of George III includes thousands of printed books and pamphlets. Photo taken in January 2019.

This post is my contribution to both CFFC hosted by Cee at Cee’sPhotoChallenges and Life in Colour: Brown hosted by Jude at TravelWords

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    1. Thanks Amanda! It’s challenging everywhere still. Was just speaking to a friend (lives in SIngapore) last night who is sending her daughter back to Western Australia to start university. And she is so sad that she won’t get to share the settling-in process with her because she doesn’t dare risk leaving Singapore in case she cannot return (they are Australian citizens, although SIngapore PR). Very challenging. And heart-rending. Fortunately, they have family in WA, so at least there’s that comfort.


      1. They just started a short lockdown, so the timing is unfortunate, Ju-Lyn. It is a shame for them. Hopefully she can visit further along the track. WA is very safe from Covid, just very strict in their management.


        1. Strict is very much needed, I reckon, if there is any hope to eradicate this madness.

          It is sad to see families traumatized in big and small ways, but this is the state of the craziness, it seems.

          Hope you are having a good week, Amanda.

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          1. I hear you. For the most part, we feel quite rather safe given the situation in Singapore, and the precautions we have put in place for our family.

            With the pandemic raging in other countries, particularly in places where we have friends & family, it is worrying. But having said this, I feel we should never feel bad to enjoy a moment, or have a good day, or to bask in the sunshine which we are afforded.

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  1. Sorry you couldn’t visit your family and friends this year — it’s been hard not making those yearly trips, but so far, thankfully, all our loved ones are staying safe. I love the earthy tones of those stacks. It would be a fun library to explore — those books muct be at least 200 years old!


    1. Thanks for popping in for a visit, Barbara.
      Apparently some of the books in this collection dated back to the mid 15th century! Mind-blowing, when one thinks about it, how the books survived!

      It has been challenging all over the world – so many families kept apart. But you are right, we are thankful for everyday that our loved ones remain safe. And we continue to pray them well.

      Have a good week ahead!


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