Monday Mural: Evolution

Malaysia expanded lockdown measures a few days ago. Our desire to return to Ipoh is further setback.

Nothing to be done but continue to scour travel archives.

This is of our favourite murals in Ipoh Old Town: Evolution by Ernest Zacharevic, looking decidedly more fades than in previous years, which accentuates its title. Follow this link for a peep at the mural when it was completed in 2014.

This post is my contribution to Monday Murals hosted by Sami at ColourfulWorld.

33 Replies to “Monday Mural: Evolution”

  1. It was a beautiful mural, what a pity it’s so degraded now.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.
    Best of luck with the new lockdown and keep safe.


    1. Thanks Sami.
      We, in Singapore, can still do quite a bit, although tighter measures have been put in place in preparation of the coming Chinese New Year. It is our neighbour whose numbers have spiked and so all hope of borders opening have been quashed.


      1. We’ve had a couple of Covid scares in the last week or two with people leaving quarantine, then discovering they have Covid. Miraculously, there doesn’t seem to have been further transmission; but it’s been a wake-up call.


  2. Ugh. Sorry they extended it. We are supposed to get out at the end of the month, but seeing your announcement makes me nervous that it could happen here at a drop of a hat!

    Keep those archives coming though ~ You’ll be out and about before you know it.


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