waiting for Ipoh

Still thinking about Ipoh, Malaysia. Waiting for when we can return. Loving Husband spent many of his holidays here where his parents were from. We have done the same with our children, returning once a year at least, to catch up with family.

One of our favourite things to do is to explore earlier in the mornings while most of the town is waking up. We run through Old Town, through the river walk, taking advantage of the relative quiet & empty pavements.

We chanced upon these buildings in the heart of Ipoh old town. They look like they have been abandoned for a long time. I wonder what will happen to them.

Others are intentionally left distressed for effect. This was part of an abandoned furniture warehouse, until Plan b. breathed new life & converted it into dining, shopping, keeping the old world charm & warehouse ambience.

Plan b., June 2019

This is my contribution to CFFC: Urban Erosion hosted by Cee at Cee’s Photo Challenges.

reaching across: an Ipoh bridge

Thinking about what connects us these days: Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, phones. Travel used to allow us to connect to other parts of the world, to reach family & friends scattered across the globe.

In today’s craziness, we search our travel archives and our BlogFriends’ posts, hoping to catch a glimpse of other worlds.

This post is my contribution to CFFC (Cee’s Fun Foto Challnege: Bridges hosted by Cee at Cee’sPhotoChallenges