The Changing Seasons: June 2020

One of my highlights in June was working on The Tan Times. It all began almost 30 years ago with a newsletter which we put together to keep in touch. In a fit of housekeeping a few months ago in early April, Houseproud Mom discovered all the back issues (the newsletter had long been discontinued).

After giggling over browned pages held together by rusty staples with my daughters & parents, I had a thought maybe we should restart this family endeavour. This time in the form of a blog to connect my parents (Singapore), my brother (Newcastle, Maine), my sister (Phoenix, Arizona) and I (Singapore), along with our extended families & any friends who might be interested in joining in a bit of fun. This would be a forum where we could collaborate on writing, art, music and share in our favourite things.

One of the features of the June 2020 edition is The Feast: where Globetrotter Dad dreamt up a feast he would love to have if money & place were not constraints. My Artsy Artist Sister dreamily illustrated this foodie fantasia. Please do pop over here to have a look.

The Feast: a Watercolor Journey in response to Tan Thuan Kok’s “The Feast” (After watercolor artist, Connie Guillaume) by Kem-Lyn Tan Bappe, Watercolor & Ink, 2020

June also saw many sourdough discard experiments which I shared in a previous post.

This post is my contribution to The Changing Seasons hosted by Su at zimmerbitch.

24 Replies to “The Changing Seasons: June 2020”

  1. Your family blog is a brilliant idea; your Dad’s menu is utterly mouthwatering, and your sister’s illustration is so beautiful. Wow: your family rocks!
    Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. Yes, your sister’s work is amazing, and the family blog is a great idea. Also, I was tickled to read that your brother lives in Newcastle, Maine. That’s about an hour from where I live. Surely that falls into the small world category.


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