early wet mornings

It is unusual for me to be up at 6pm and sitting at my writing space (I have taken over a portion of my dining table & set up shop there). If I am up at this time of day, it is typically for a run. But I was met with a dramatic thunderstorm upon waking and so I find myself here; the Southwest Monsoons have been enthusiastically watering our little island with thundershowers these past few days.

It is refreshing to find oneself in a familiar space but in a different time & circumstance. I catchup on my correspondance & write my Morning Pages well before others in the household rouse from their sleep.

Routine is good & well, but change is invigorating. Just like the introduction of new friends into our home.

You have already met Little Sawtooth from last week. He is doing very well, particularly perky on a wet morning like today.

Now, meet Baby Bubbles, our Sourdough Starter, who came to us on 19 June.

I have toyed with the idea of sours for a while, and have had conversations with some of you lovely Blogfriends about your experiences. Finally my Baking Enthusiast Cousin gave me the nudge I needed by gifting me with her Sunshine, who since joining our household, has been renamed Baby Bubbles.

After relooking the sourdough literature and considering our lifestyle, I might not actually ever bake a real Sourdough loaf – you know, the ones with the beautiful scored, floury crusts? Instead, we have been mostly using the discards to make goodies, as well as some other varieties of sourdough bread. It has been about a week: Baby Bubbles is doing well, and we have lots of delicious goodies to enjoy!

Made with the help of Baby Bubbles: from left, clockwise – Sunday pancakes, Indian style flatbread with saag paneer, spelt loaf, mixie mixie pancake loaded with veggies, Apple-Cranberry Cobbler, waffle, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, dinner roll.

This post is my contribution to Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Unusual hosted by Amanda at SomethingToPonderAbout and Sandy at TheSandyChronicles.

17 Replies to “early wet mornings”

  1. A fantastic contribution to oyr theme this week. I love the Sourdough starter and its Unusual name, Baby bubbles- I have been toying with making Sourdough mothers and their offshoots myself, of late, Ju-lyn.
    You have 6pm down in the post, but I quickly realized to were talking about the early morning. Stay dry in the monsoon!


      1. I know what you mean. I feed my starter more often than I probably need to (it lives in the fridge between baked) because the custard is great for crackers and muffins and quick breads 😀


  2. Your post is making want to research on sourdough, JuLyn. I love making bread, especially artisan French. I make some Jewish bread too but never sourdough yet. Hmm thanks for the idea. And yes it’s been raining cats and dogs my young moringa tree is drowning.


    1. I have hesitated long about starting in sourdough, Amor, because of the on-going process of keeping a starter.

      Although I don’t bake “real” sourdough loaves, I am enjoying the “discard” baking/cooking very much. The sourdough element brings in a depth of flavour and texture into foods we eat regularly.

      What kind of Jewish bread do you make? We are regular challah & bagel bakers.

      The rain seems to have eased this week. Hope your moringa tree revives! (I love moringa leaf omelettes).

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      1. Maybe I’m meant to start making sourdough breads now hahah. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and then I saw your post. But I had no idea that you could use the starter in so many things.

        So far I’ve been making challah and babka. But they’re so sticky. I might want to have a mixer soon. 🙂


        1. It took me ages to get into sourdough as well. Now that we’ve had our started for a month, we have calmed down a little and have settled into a more normalised kitchen again.

          I still have not baked a “real” sourdough loaf, and I don’t think I am likely to. I am having too much fun doing the other stuff, and non-sourdough baking too (one of my daughters doesn’t like sourdough anything).

          I hear you on the wetter & stickier bread doughs. I typically don’t knead my breads at the early stages (except for bagels). I use the no-knead method and because I don’t bake fluffy breads, it doesn’t seem to matter.

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