Running in the City: an Orchard Road Morning

I love running through city streets!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trail as much as anyone else, but a couple of years ago when I was fortunate enough to be in London for a couple of months, I discovered that I really love exploring bits of the city by running through it.

I love buildings, outdoor art, a wide boulevard, a narrow lane, the energy from the crowds, a stretch of unbroken pavement;  there is just so much going on, so much to see & hear, so much to soak in.

Since then, I have come to appreciate running on Singapore streets.  I am fortunate to live very close to the Botanic Gardens as well as Orchard Road.  One of my favourite runs is through Orchard Road, particularly in the morning.

The city is just waking up and provides a novel frame for a glimpse into a very different shopping street:  take the example of the Gardener enthusiastically watering the plants outside ION Mall in the Feature Photo.   He is one of many who clean & spruce up the street that is glamourous & glitzy for the rest of the day.

Where is your favourite place to run?  What are some of the sights which have caught your attention?

5 Replies to “Running in the City: an Orchard Road Morning”

  1. Hi there,

    When I traveled for business, I was fortunate to travel to some pretty interesting cities – Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, San Francisco. I would always bring my running shoes so I could get out and explore the cities. There is nothing a like an early morning run through city streets!


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