Monday Mural: Race Course Road

Our jaunts into Little India are typically a quick nip in & out: takeout from our favourite restaurants, utilitarian shops at Mustafas Centre. We don’t linger as it is usually too crowded for me, even in this time of pandemic caution.

We found ourselves in the neighbourhood to pick up snacks after a morning run; we wanted to deliver them to a friend for their breakfast. Most of the shops were still shut and except for the few places who offered early morning fare.

Because I had time & space to poke around alleyways.

A long wall filled with images reminiscent of the area: I’d forgotten that this was the site of Singapore’s first horse race track, hence the name of the road. It brought back memories of an older Singapore and an insistent feeling of nostalgia.

This post is my contribution to Monday Murals hosted by Sami at Colourful World.

23 Replies to “Monday Mural: Race Course Road”

  1. thanks of the bit if history connecting to horse race there
    and before i read – i did notice the difference between the horses seeming natural (first and second photo) and then the one with the jockey
    – some folks are very against horse racing and i guess it depends on how the animals are treated
    – and the little detail about you being there early to loo around was nice


  2. Simply a beautiful mural, Ju-Lyn. The subject matter (horse racing) takes a back seat to the beauty of the murals on this wall. Whoever drew the horses, sure knew how to draw animals. This is a beautiful find.


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