early wet mornings

It is unusual for me to be up at 6pm and sitting at my writing space (I have taken over a portion of my dining table & set up shop there). If I am up at this time of day, it is typically for a run. But I was met with a dramatic thunderstorm upon waking and so I find myself here; the Southwest Monsoons have been enthusiastically watering our little island with thundershowers these past few days.

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Analog to Digital: yay or nay?

This week’s Discover Challenge: Analog, has given me much food for thought.  I have considered my own transition from the analog to digital world: what I like, dislike; embraced, rejected;  considered, disregarded.  I considered friends who have very definite analog pursuits like reading print books, listening to vinyl records, scrapbooking vacations & special occasions.  Even closer to home was Older Daughter, who has a long-standing fascination with fountain pens & developed a related interest in calligraphy.

I was very much at a loss to name analog passions I engage in as I came to the realisation that I have embraced many things digital, and in fact, if not for technology, would find it difficult to enjoy many of these activities. Continue reading “Analog to Digital: yay or nay?”