The Changing Seasons: February 2019

It has been another one of those mind-stretching months, with a Poetry Workshop every Sunday afternoon, art exhibitions, and problem solving in the kitchen.

The Leaky Pot: Poetic Forms workshop

6 weeks of freeing our writing minds and muscles through the use of received  (established, traditional forms with a set of rules) and nonce (rules made up by self or group) poetic forms. From sonnets to haikus to pantoums to free verse, it was a dizzying time of pushing my boundaries of understanding & practice of the art.

Art Galore

Better Bagels & Challah

The bagels are now chewy and tasty – but still ugly. The challah is finally fit for company, so we are now experimenting with flavours (ribbons of green curry, or cheese & peppers, or cinnamon & brown sugar running through them)

Feature Post: “Sunflower Seeds” (2010) Porcelain by Ai Wei Wei, viewed at the National Gallery of Singapore as part of Minimalism: Space, Light. Object. 

This post is my contribution to The Changing Seasons, hosted by Su at zimmerbitch


13 Replies to “The Changing Seasons: February 2019”

  1. Looks like you’ve had a very busy and creative month.
    Both exhibitions look amazing; I have enjoyed just visiting the galleries’ websites 🙂
    I’ve never made bagels, but I recognise the uneven surface on yours as something that happens sometimes with my sourdough. I was told that it’s important to really stretch dough before forming it, so that you create tension on the surface. That’s what gives the smooth finish. With the loaves I make I form them by stretching and folding so that the edges are being tucked underneath.
    I also learned that before the dough has that smoothness, it’s called “shaggy” (am I not the queen of trivia!!)

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