The Wonderful World of Podcasts

I find myself in the world of podcasts rather belatedly, all of a sudden immersed in this fantastic place of possibilities, where one can immerse oneself in programmes ranging from Gin & Botanicals (BBC4: Food Programme) to the Migration of Birds (BBC4 Radio: In Our Time) to the whimsical quirky storyworld of Nightvale (Welcome to Nightvale). Continue reading “The Wonderful World of Podcasts”


The Marvel & Muddle of the English Language

It is a wonder to me how the English language can be so beautiful and in turn, be so confusing!

Trying to explain to Younger Daughter how to pronounce words based on phonics principles have backfired numerous times (eg. though & bough, here & where). Or why words like “minute” and “windy” is pronounced differently given context. I also find myself saying: “Just memorise how to spell it, don’t bother sounding it out!” Continue reading “The Marvel & Muddle of the English Language”