Moment: Lesson 5 Capture Motion

This lesson in Daily Post’s Developing Your Eye challenges us to think on the fleeting Moments we encounter each day.  There are moments every day, big or small, that briefly touch our soul: exchanging a smile with a fellow-runner as we run towards each other, a cuddle with a child, a chewy oatmeal cookie oozing with chocolate chips. Can you recall a Moment you’ve experienced today?

An effective way to convey the fleeting nature of time is to capture motion. Tips we are given for photographing motion:

  • Turn your auto-flash off, even in low-light conditions. The photo may be grainy and not the best quality, but the fuzziness evokes being transfixed in that moment.
  • While photographing moving subjects, use a tripod or lay your device on a surface to keep it still. Use a table, an empty seat, or another flat, solid surface to rest your camera.
  • Experiment with panning. Pan your camera across your scene while following your moving subject. It takes practice, but if done right you can produce images with clear subjects against blurred backgrounds.

Feature Photo: Swan in Swan Lake

5 Replies to “Moment: Lesson 5 Capture Motion”

  1. I had a fleeting moment today when my husband and I were both busy and he teased me in a gentle, funny way about what I was doing and we took a moment to laugh together. Your photograph captures your assignment wonderfully.


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