The Changing Seasons: June 2018

Thinking about The Frangipani & some of it’s meaning:

• Withstanding tough challenges

• Everlasting bond between two people

• spiritual devotion

Frangipani Grove, Singapore Botanic Gardens, June 2018

It has been a month of recollecting and thanksgiving for where I am today. A time of reconnecting with friends and family, through numerous gatherings around food, culminating with a week in Bangkok with my parents, Sister & Niece (visiting from Phoenix, AZ), Loving Husband & Daughters.

With each meal we share & the time we take to reaffirm the bonds of love, I am reminded that I am who I am in large part because of those who love me.

Most of all, I acknowledge that I am part of a greater plan for Creation – I may not ever know what my role is, but for now, it is enough that I am here.

Feature Photo was taken this morning on our morning run to Benchasiri Park, Bangkok: Frangipani trees against a brilliant blue sky.

This my contribution to The Changing Seasons.

19 Replies to “The Changing Seasons: June 2018”

  1. Such fine, life-boosting sentiments, Ju-Lyn. We used to have a frangipani tree in our garden in Kenya. It also grew at places where we stayed on the Mombasa coast, where its scent would somehow be even more enhanced with the sea air. It’s a scent I miss. Happy weekend, and ongoing happy thoughts about all your recent family gatherings.

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  2. I never knew there was so much meaning to this beautiful flower that is one of my very favorites!!! Thank you so much for sharing this and the beautiful pictures you made! So glad your family got together this month – even traveling in from afar! – and that you enjoyed a lovely time!

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  3. Serene thoughts are always welcome in this world of ours. You sound at peace with yourself. 🙂 🙂 There is a lovely frangipani tree in Tavira and I always cross the road for a closer look.

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