Where do I live?

Where do I live?  This was the question posed at Mass this past Sunday.  Is where I live my physical address?  I was challenged to consider my spiritual home.

“To live where Jesus lives. Even while we remain here on this earth. To make him our spiritual home. No matter what our street address may be. To somehow be able to see his face. To hear his voice. To experience his presence. Even and especially in times of trial. Encouraging and consoling us. Accompanying and guiding us. Strengthening and inspiring us.”      Fr Christopher Soh

As the Easter season draws to a close after 7 weeks in the church calendar, I am grateful for the time to reflect on what Christ’s gift of life means to me and how I will respond.

While I love my place of residence next to the Botanic Gardens, where nature is literally at my doorstep, while I love that Singapore has worked so hard to plant greenery everywhere possible, while I love this beautiful Earth and all the treasures she holds (the above Rain Tree being one of these), I know that setting my sights on my spiritual home will transform the way I live each day.  Will I be bogged down by the rigours of life?  or dazzled by the glitter & glamour of the city lights?  Or will I choose a life of service & love even though neither come naturally to me?

Where do I live?  In my Father’s house, where there are many mansions (John 14:2) …. and rain trees.


Photo Credit: Vincent Devadason;  Rain tree outside Kingmead Hall, Church of St Ignatius, Singapore

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