My Backyard: loving what we have

When we travel, we put in a great deal of effort to research places we want to visit: museums & shows we want to go to, food we want to eat, vistas we want to gape at.  And yet, we often hear that one does not have time to visit places of interest in one’s own hometown.  I wonder why that is. Continue reading “My Backyard: loving what we have”

Vegan Dragonfruit Cupcakes

Found this recipe while browsing through one of our all-time favourite cupcake books: Cupcakes with Attitude by Benjamin Wong.

Younger Daughter & I were so pleased with the bright pink batter, on account of the mashed red dragon fruit.  Sadly, the brilliant colour was baked away, and it became just yellow cake, although with a nice subtle flavour with the crunch of dragon fruit seeds. Continue reading “Vegan Dragonfruit Cupcakes”