Enjoying a cup of tea

One of the challenges of being a stay-home Mom is the temptation to justify why I have not returned to the workforce, especially when one’s children are already older teens; to resist the need to fill my day with cleaning the apartment, or cooking up fabulous meals, or dreaming up meaningful projects for Younger Daughter.  Continue reading “Enjoying a cup of tea”

Writing … with fountain pens

In considering what about my life I would save for posterity, I realised that while I love period movies, old architecture & baroque music, I have largely embraced technology & all the conveniences they afford.  Even the last stronghold, print books, have been replaced by my iPad mini.

There is still one thing which I strongly believe is better done the old fashioned way: writing.  Loving Husband & I write letters to each other regularly.  There is something special about penning a letter instead of sending an email or SMS (which we do plenty of as well for more mundane communication). Continue reading “Writing … with fountain pens”