Why I do what I do with my Food

I come from a family of foodies.  Some of us like to eat all sort of strange things, others love to feed others, some are very good cooks. Whatever it is, food has been a central part of our lives.

I do not consider myself a great cook (no false modesty here), nor a great baker: there are better of each in my family.  But I do love to play with my food. It gives me great kicks & satisfaction to arrange food and make it pretty.  I am a Food Assembler/Arranger/Decorator.

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I have a formidable role model: my Mother has a special touch for making food beautiful.  All our home cooked meals were artistically presented as she always stressed the importance of feeding the eyes as well as the stomach.  She is also a fantastic cook, very often making things from scratch, although these days, she does advocate short cuts where they make sense.  She took great care & pains to prepare delicious, lovely meals for us when we were growing up, and cooked many an opulent feast when we entertained.  The reason she gave for the many hours spent in the kitchen: cooking is her way of showing love for us.

Take a look at some of the yummies my Mommy made recently ….

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So, what is the raison d’être for what I do?  To express myself, to nourish my family in body & spirit, to pour love into the food I assemble/arrange/decorate for the people who eat at my table.

What is your motivation behind your creative endeavours?

Lead Photo: lemon cupcakes with lemon drizzle topped with fresh fruit (a dessert Younger Daughter & I love to make and eat together)



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  1. We too are grateful recipients of your mom’s largesse and can certainly attest to the wonderful and beautiful feasts she has cooked up over the years!

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