music as inspiration

That music inspires creativity requires no convincing. Many of us, whether avid audiophiles, casual radio listeners, music devotees, or aspiring artistes, would have reaped the benefits of music as inspiration.

I encountered Sacred Harp singing 6 years ago when Tim Eriksen featured at Esplanade Singapore’s Tapestry of Sacred Music. Musical Older Daughter & I attended his workshop & were captivated by this tradition of choral music.

Also called Shape Note singing, we sing in four-part harmony without any instrumental accompaniment. With an emphasis on participation and not performance, we sit in a square and sing from the Sacred Harp songbook.

Shortly after attending Tim Eriksen’s momentous workshop, we visited family in London for about 2 months. We found the London Sacred Harp and blissfully sang with them once a week for the duration. By the end of that visit, we were well & truly hooked.

Upon return to Singapore, we started the Singapore Shapenote Singers with the hope of introducing this tradition closer to home. We had a number of introductory singings but we remain largely a 2-person endeavour. We visit London every other year for a few months at a time – that is where we get our community singing fix.

Tim Eriksen was scheduled to return to Singapore this month for Tapestry 2020. Elated Older Daughter was invited to prep a choir to sing together with him. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled. Hopefully next year.

Meanwhile, she & I sing together. And with virtual choirs like this:

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Inspiration hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

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    1. I do enjoy music very much, as well as singing. I think I just have a very thick-skin and am shameless; I am well aware that I have less than a stellar voice & adequate piano skills, but that doesn’t seem to stop my to participating in all sort of musical endeavours (sometimes to the chagrin of teachers & choir conductors!)

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