No more trains running through this track.

Formerly part of a railway line that ran between Singapore & Malaysia, this Rail Corridor is currently being developed in parts to make it a safe public space. This is the preservation and accessibility work the National Parks Board engages in; to bring nature to the people, to make green more a part of every day life.

This poem is birthed from my ruminations & conversations about nature’s demise. While I am grateful for all that is done to preserve, I wonder if it will be enough.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.14.26 AM.png

This is my contribution to OneWordSunday hosted by Deb at TravelWithIntent.


20 Replies to “Missing”

    1. But at least there is that 1 step forward – that’s what I tell myself on sad days. Which is one of the reasons I am inspired and lifted up by your blog, your photos and your perspective – it brightens my day and gives me hope.

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      1. Thank you so much. I’m not feeling particularly inspired right now. More just grumpy and defeated. I’m sure it will pass, but I could do with some good news about at least one of the issues I care about.


  1. Such a cool photo and hope the new green areas turn out well – I know some folks that are nostalgic for trains and tracks – it does show us the sign of the new times – and trains are not always in the plans –


      1. Yes / and I am exploring Emily Dickinson poems this week and she has one that refers to the Strangeness of the train ! I might feature it this weekend
        And so while many ideas in her poems remind me of rimless things liken nature – values – and faith – well the part about trains reminds me that those are not timeless


  2. I love the angle of your image, and your words.
    It’s great to see the old railway line being turned into a good public space – a shame to use public, shared transport, but a usable open space will have its benefits


  3. Beautiful photo! There can never be enough trees! It’s good to see that the railway line is turned into a public space – they did the same thing in the middle of Berlin. 😊


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