Have a Seat

Thinking of IM Pei:  his philosophy of design spaces (form flowing from function), his tremendous impact on the world of architecture & art (pushing boundaries, paving the way for art alive); the legacy he leaves for our living & viewing pleasure, for our imaginations.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Chairs hosted this week by TheSnowMeltsSomewhere reminded me of this sculpture bench we chanced by outside the Tate Britain in January earlier this year (Feature Photo); one of the greatest joys of walking about places we visit is the the art we encounter.

I love that spaces and art invite us to respond. In the case of art which invites us to sit a while, rest, marvel at our surroundings: all the better! Here are a few more invitations to take time out (from my archives):

Older Daughter enjoying Brown Tea soft serve in Old Town, Ipoh, Aug 2016
Bench Sculpture, Southbank, London, Dec 2016
Evening Run along Marina Bay Promenade, Singapore, March 2016
Younger Daughter having a rest on a chair sculpture, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Dec 2018
Lots of benches in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, March 2018

9 Replies to “Have a Seat”

  1. A delightful posts of seats … and quite a few here in England! The serenity of the bench in the Singapore Botanical Gardens is palpable and one on which I’d happily rest for a long time!😀


  2. All wonderful photos, Ju-Lyn! Especially love the one with your younger daughter on the chair sculpture in the V&A (one of my fav museums by the way 😉). 😄


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