Water: Lesson 3 Image Orientation

This weekend found me in the vicinity of Marina Bay for the Santa Wishes Run. The run took place along the promenade, a wide concrete expanse with water on one side and buildings on the other.

When I came upon this unexpected sight, my breath was taken away!  At first glance, it looked to be field of green accented with brilliant pink flowers, except that it was an enormous manmade water feature filled to the brim with spectacularly hued water lilies.   Definitely the highlight of a good morning out!

Lesson 3 from the Blogging U: Developing Your Eye resource text reads:  Humans have binocular vision — which means we have two eyes, adjacent to one another — and naturally scan a scene along a horizontal, rather than vertical, plane. When composing today’s photo of water, experiment with both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) orientations.

Here is my portrait shot:


Which do you like better?



17 Replies to “Water: Lesson 3 Image Orientation”

  1. Hmm, i’m having trouble deciding which I like better: the horizontal view gives me an idea of the magnitude of the patch of water lilies and their setting, but the vertical view provides more detail of the flowers and leaves of the plant. Either way, I think you are doing marvelously well with your photography.

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