Fresh Turmeric & Ginger Tea

I love hot drinks.  No matter how sweltering the Singaporean weather is, I love a strong cup of breakfast tea with a splash of milk.

Until now.  It started with coffee several years ago; even decaf made me a light-headed and nauseated. Too much tea also makes me feel unsettled.  It was long overdue for me to find non-caffeinated alternative. Continue reading “Fresh Turmeric & Ginger Tea”


Share Your World: Inspired by Nature

Many of us find inspiration in Nature.

Singapore may be a city, but there are many wonderfully green places for pedestrians to wander about, mull over life’s mysteries and be inspired.  I love exploring the Park Connector network when I have the chance; these dedicated walkways/cycle paths run between parks to allow one to park hop,  providing safe passage for pedestrians & cyclists.  The Alexander Canal Linear Park is a beautiful and particularly lovely example, running alongside several housing developments. Continue reading “Share Your World: Inspired by Nature”

Green Juice

Not quite green eggs & ham, but nevertheless, a challenge.  I am not sure why drinking “vegetable drinks” is difficult for me, after all, I love vegetable soup.  If you had told me that I would be drinking Green Juice before today, I would have collapsed in hysterical laughter. Continue reading “Green Juice”

Back to Basics with Blogging U

Catching up on my favourite blogs on my Reader,  desleyjane’s Opinion Piece caught my eye; she mentioned a course she is taking at Blogging University on  Fascinated, I followed her link and to my delight, uncovered all sorts of wonderful resources which I’d not known existed.

Spending more time than I’d planned, I trawled through all the goodies and decided I would take Blogging: Fundamentals although I’ve already been on WordPress for more than a year.  Renovations are always good, right? Continue reading “Back to Basics with Blogging U”

Please grow!

Older Daughter & Loving Husband planted a handful of rosehip seeds which they harvested from a rosehip plant.  This little guy was the only one who sprouted.  Older Daughter checks on him every morning and evening, watering him carefully and tenderly. We are all waiting with her to see if more leaves will grow.    Continue reading “Please grow!”

Glazing Fruit

Younger Daughter and I have been experimenting with different cupcake flavours & combinations.  This is quite a novel approach to baking for me as I’ve always opted for the quick & easy; everything in one-pot?  even better!

So, this journey of discovery, which is recorded in part in Crazy Little Cupcakes,  takes me a little away from my comfort zone.  Younger Daughter is quite adventurous and I have to check myself often not to curb her enthusiasm!  So what if she wants to make a curry cupcake! Bring the spice on! Continue reading “Glazing Fruit”

Egg-citing Eggs-periences: Onsen Eggs

I love onsen eggs and when I saw this recipe in Savour (Cold Storage‘s free Food Magazine), I just had to try it.   Younger Daughter thinks of them as Japanese poached eggs, and I guess that’s pretty close.  I think the egg white is silkier and softer in the Japanese version though.



Feature photo shows the egg served immediately after cooking, with instant ramen & a variety of blanched vegetables (from Left to Right: broccolini, bean sprouts, cai xin).

This egg was refrigerated overnight, warmed slightly by the steamed zucchini.  Still very good.