Bliss: Lesson 4 Add Captions

I grew up in a Foodie Home.

Epicurious Father ate anything that moved, and then some.  He gleefully regaled us with tales of the weird things he’d eaten: creepy scorpions, flying foxes, still wriggling fish; in part to gross us out, but I think also to inspire us to be adventurous towards food.

Nurturing Mother was a published Food Critic as well as homechef extraordinaire.  I remember watching Sesame Street as a young child, and in particular, the episode where Ernie and Cookie Monster were counting (and slyly snarfing) cupcakes.  I asked Nurturing Mother what cupcakes were.  By the end of the programme, I had a plate of piping hot cupcakes, just out of the oven, waiting for me.

Lesson 4 of Developing Your Eye is Adding Captions, to give one’s reader an idea of what the photograph is about.

Bliss is going home to eat at my Mother’s table: home-cooked prawn stock noodles.

Loving Husband is also a foodie.  My daughters both are foodies.  I am privileged to have my education continue through them as Food continues to be an Adventure.

No matter how many wonderful meals we have out and about, however, Bliss is still going home to eat at Nurturing Mother’s table.




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