on the way early Saturday morning

An early morning run in Chiba City brought me behind these boys on their way someplace. It was a Saturday, so I was curious where they would be going.

I ran behind them for a bit and then followed other children going in the same direction. A little further down the road, they all streamed into a school.

As they were not in uniform, I assume they must have been going in for a remedial session or an extra-curricular activity.

These photos was taken on 5 Oct 2019 in Chiba City, Japan. It is my contribution to

12 Replies to “on the way early Saturday morning”

  1. I have just recently heard Japanese children walk to school from a very early age without parents, just like these boys in your post were doing. I used to do it too, but these days Australian children are always driven to school by their parents. What is it like in Singapore?

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    1. I think many Japanese children are able to independently travel to school because their neighbourhoods are safe.

      Have noticed that our school children do walk if they live nearby, but many students are driven because they attend semi-private schools which are way across the island.

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      1. That sounds similar. People travel to the school that works best for their children and them. Near their workplace or near relatives who pick them up after school. My daughter and son were walking or riding to school around age 10- 11. But younger than that, I think it was too far for them. If we lived around the corner, sure. Japan is very very safe though.


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