Weathered, not Worn

Outdoor Chair

The effects of the weather and time can be harsh and unkind, very often resulting in wear & tear damage.  Teak outdoor furniture is one of those exceptions, where exposure to the elements lovingly renders each piece majestically beautiful.  Teak naturally contains silica, which makes it resistant to fungal infestations and the effects of water; hence, they can be appreciated with minimal upkeep.

They are an analogy for how I want to live on this other side of 50: I may be weathered, but I certainly am not worn.

Feature Photo: A much loved Teak Lounging Chair in our Balcony Garden.



No Time for Fear

I try not to be a worrier.  I work hard not to be plagued by fear or anxiety.  At an early age, I learned to rationalise, compartmentalise and let my neurotic thoughts go as quickly as possible.

After my brush with mortality, I attacked my rehabilitation with determination and vigour, giving very little space for negativity to creep in; why waste energy on what I could not do, when I needed every little bit of it to work on what I wanted to do. Continue reading “No Time for Fear”

Blessed Beginning to 2018

This past weekend, we celebrated the Feast of the Holy Family.  As I am reminded of the gift of the Family, and in particular, my Family, both near and far, some related by blood, others in spirit, I pause to give thanks for those who are on my mind today.

May you have a reflective start to a year which holds much discovery for you!  Hugs and much love from my little corner of the world!

Feature Photo taken at sunrise around the Bandstand, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Big: Lesson 7, A Point of View

Adopting a different point of view is not particularly easy for me: I find it uncomfortable and somewhat messy.  I have come to appreciate, however, that if I persist with the experience, it is often eye-opening & enlightening.

It hasn’t been so long ago since I was in a coma in the hospital, just about 7 months ago.  There is now a teenage girl lying in a hospital bed, daughter of my classmate from years ago. She was admitted more than two months ago under circumstances not unlike mine.  Except that the cause of her illness is not known.  She continues to fight for her life.  We wait each day with bated breath for news of an eyelid movement, leg twitch, or an improvement in a vital sign. Continue reading “Big: Lesson 7, A Point of View”

Christmas Baking: Brownies & Blondies

We have spent the past couple of weeks baking tray after tray of Peppermint Brownies, Cranberry & Chocolate Chip Blondies, and Ginger & White Chocolate Chip Blondies.

One of my greatest challenges preparing for the season is gifting: picking out meaningful gifts for our loved ones.  We are typically gift as we go folks through the year, so attempting to focus lots of gifting in a short span of time often proves to be extremely demanding.  So when we found that we enjoyed baking these Christmas brownies and blondies, and our friends & family enjoyed receiving them, we were just thrilled to bits! Continue reading “Christmas Baking: Brownies & Blondies”

Solitude: Lesson 6 Rule of Thirds

I haven’t been to this part of the MacRichie Reservoir trail in over 20 years.  Walking over a foot bridge at the golf course which the trail traversed, this little beauty caught my eye.  I enjoyed a moment of solitude as I breathed the cool morning air and listened to the fountain a little distance away.  Enjoying a piece of quiet during this traditionally busy season has given me some time & space for stillness, amidst the mad baking, present wrapping and voracious eating! Continue reading “Solitude: Lesson 6 Rule of Thirds”

Connection: Lesson 5 Tag Your Photo

I love bridges.  I’ve set eyes on some iconic beauties: the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA), London Bridge (London, UK), Pont du Gard (Nimes, France), the foot bridge in Monet’s garden of water-lilies (Giverny, France).

Though not as grand or as famous as the above mentioned, Singapore has its share of lovely bridges: Henderson Waves, Helix Bridge, and a lovely series of pedestrian bridges across various points of the Singapore river. Continue reading “Connection: Lesson 5 Tag Your Photo”

Bliss: Lesson 4 Add Captions

I grew up in a Foodie Home.

Epicurious Father ate anything that moved, and then some.  He gleefully regaled us with tales of the weird things he’d eaten: creepy scorpions, flying foxes, still wriggling fish; in part to gross us out, but I think also to inspire us to be adventurous towards food.

Nurturing Mother was a published Food Critic as well as homechef extraordinaire.  I remember watching Sesame Street as a young child, and in particular, the episode where Ernie and Cookie Monster were counting (and slyly snarfing) cupcakes.  I asked Nurturing Mother what cupcakes were.  By the end of the programme, I had a plate of piping hot cupcakes, just out of the oven, waiting for me. Continue reading “Bliss: Lesson 4 Add Captions”

Water: Lesson 3 Image Orientation

This weekend found me in the vicinity of Marina Bay for the Santa Wishes Run. The run took place along the promenade, a wide concrete expanse with water on one side and buildings on the other.

When I came upon this unexpected sight, my breath was taken away!  At first glance, it looked to be field of green accented with brilliant pink flowers, except that it was an enormous manmade water feature filled to the brim with spectacularly hued water lilies.   Definitely the highlight of a good morning out! Continue reading “Water: Lesson 3 Image Orientation”