The Changing Seasons: July 2020

My brain is like a sieve; some days worse than others.

One minute I am stirring in malt syrup into a pot of water in preparation to boil my bagels, the next I am hit with the realisation that I have forgotten about The Changing Seasons post for July. I have been reassured by loved ones that this condition will improve after menopause passes; I only hope they are right.

Sheepishly, more than 2 weeks late, I am considering how July went for me.

Soul-nourishing visits to the National Gallery of Singapore (from Left: Cao Fei’s 浮槎 Fú Chá, Apinan Poshyananda‘s How to explain art to a Bangkok cock

Making neat and strange wonders in Nature (from Left, clockwise): Croc Spotting at Sungei Buloh Nature Park, interesting fungi at random byways, edible flowers (curry plant), exploring the Dempsey & Ridout area.

Experimenting in the kitchen (from left, clockwise): pancakes from sourdough discard in all forms (this one is a take on a open face Vietnamese Banh Xeo), fluffy Japanese cheesecake, no-bake Orange cheesecake, cauliflower & sweet pepper soup, Burnt cheesecake made with coconut cream & gula melaka (palm sugar).

This post is my very belated contribution to The Changing Seasons hosted by Su at zimmerbitch.

17 Replies to “The Changing Seasons: July 2020”

    1. That Croc was something else – apparently he has been nicknamed Old Grandfather because he is the biggest croc lurking in that nature park!

      We tried out so many new recipes this summer – I think pita bread using our sourdough discard has to be our new family staple (we make it at least once a week now).

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