Zoot Ultra Kiawe 2.0: The Shoe That Hugged Me

Loving Husband has always perplexed me with his insistence that we have the correct sporting equipment.  When we started playing tennis as a young courting couple, he insisted that I buy a pair of tennis shoe and a new tennis racket even though I wasn’t very good.

When I first started running 22 years ago, he also insisted on taking me shoe shopping and picking out a shoe that fit well.  I ended up buying an Asics GT2000, paying what seemed like an exorbitant amount at that time; this was quite a paradigm shift for someone who always bought the cheapest pair of trainers available.

I have come to realise & accept that he is future-proofing us:  ensuring that we enjoy the activity injury-free & with some degree of longevity in mind.  So, my only question remains, how many pairs of shoes do I need?

Mudding my Zoot Ultra Kiawe 2.0

About 3 months ago, he bought me a shoe that felt like it had been made just for me.  I have narrow feet which swim in most shoes as roomy toe boxes seem to be made for feet that broaden at the toes.  So, the fact that the Zoot hugged my feet was such a novel feeling:  it was a Cinderella-experience (the shoe fit perfectly)!  And it doesn’t hurt that it’s such a pretty shoe.

Kicking back after taking the Zoots out for a whirl.

For those who are interested, here are some aspects to Loving Husband’s Running Shoe Philosophy:

  • get the correct shoe for the foot type & running needs
  • have a variety of different types of shoes (various drop heights, cushioning)
  • rotate shoes
  • change shoes regularly

What is your favourite pair of shoes?



One Reply to “Zoot Ultra Kiawe 2.0: The Shoe That Hugged Me”

  1. I no longer run, having switched to walking when I hit 70 and my knees starting aching a bit. My favorite shoe is the Reebok Classic Princess because it fits my long, narrow feet. But lately, I’ve started to think I should change things up more often, so I love your husband’s running shoe philosophy and I’m going to begin implementing it with my next walking shoe purchase.

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