Festival of Lights

It is Deepavali, or Diwali, on Saturday, 14 November: the Festival of Lights. The Indian community in Singapore celebrate it with family & friends in a big way, and Little India is decorated for the occasion.

Loving Husband and I had errands to run in the area and found it, as expected, quiet this year. Typically, the streets would be filled with make-shift bazaars, all the shops decorated and bustling. Shopping this year is mostly online, and I have heard many Indian friends have already begun celebrating with several smaller gatherings.

Rangolis will still be drawn, candles will be lit, prayers will be lifted.

The colourful decorations at my upstairs neighbour’s doorway. We have been invited to a Diwali Tea.

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Colour hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

19 Replies to “Festival of Lights”

  1. I love the patterns in Rangolis and the whole concept. I wish I could be there to see them. I did write a bit about them on my blog some years back. Hoping to catch some more glimpses if you post photos, Ju-Lyn.


    1. I’m afraid that’s it for Diwali photos from me this year, Amanda. That little trip to Little India traumatised me with the number of people about. 😱

      In retrospect, we should have known better than to attempt a visit just a few days before this huge festival.


        1. I did, thank you Amanda! I read this one plus 2 other Rangoli-related posts. Comments are closed so I didn’t leave a message.

          I thought your design challenge looked so fun. I like how you incorporate inspiration from so many different cultures into your work!


  2. Yes, I have noticed a big reduction in Diwali celebrations this year. In the outward display that is. I am sure there i still much prayer and thanks going on within families. All celebrations are different this year, but I’m sure we’ll love it when we get back to bigger celebrations with more people.


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