happy place, happy space: Church

We have not stepped into a physical church for almost a year.

I miss it.

Last night, Loving Husband and I stood outside the Church of the Sacred Heart, some distance from another supplicant, to give thanks.

This year, we resolve to run and/or drive/run to all 32 parishes in Singapore.

Reading your Joyful Posts brings me to my happy place. I hope having them in one place makes it easier for you to find when you need a bit of happy therapy, too.

If you would like to join in, ping back to this post and I will include you next week.

22 Replies to “happy place, happy space: Church”

  1. A beautiful photo, Ju-Lyn. All the best with your goal to visit all 32 parishes. I look forward to following along virtually. Thank you for mentioning my blog. #weekendcoffeeshare


  2. Hi Lyn. What a great idea. Can I offer a link to the most encouraging story I have and was just reprising to another audience after someone reminded me of it? This actually happened. Many, but not all the players were Christian and the time, but it changed us all. If you are subject to ‘tears of joy’ you might want to have a couple of tissues handy before you enjoy a 10 minute emotional treat of how wonderful people can be. Here’s the link
    I hope you love it.
    Welcome to our weekend meet up. I also hope you become a regular with us..


    1. Lovely to meet you Gary!
      Thank you so much for this link. I am armed with Kleenex and ready. (I will share it next Sunday as well).
      Thank you for your warm welcome to the weekend meet. I hope also to be a refular there!


    1. We don’t have the kind of historic churches which inspire momentous awe as most of ours are renovated and newer. Singapore’s history is shorter than most anyhow, so we are still young. But these are lovely and prayerful places so we are looking forward to many such visits.


  3. Hi Ju-Lyn,
    A beautiful picture. I know what you mean about missing being inside of a church. I used to find such peace and serenity when I sat in church. I love the idea of visiting the outside of various churches. Let us know how it goes!

    Take care.


    1. Thanks Nancy. We figured this season (in fact, all of last year, and it looks like for a greater part of this year as well) we would just find new ways of doing things. If we are not comfortable sitting inside church, we will approach it from other directions.

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