The Changing Seasons: August

August marked the return to school for Loving Husband & Older Daughter. No more huddling at home around the dining table for long meals, no more marathon sessions in the kitchen, no more lounging around in PJs.

It also marked the end of the Majulah Run, a 55 day run commemorating Singapore’s 55th birthday (majulah mean onward in Bahasa Malayu). Loving Husband, champ that he is, ran on all 55 days. I proudly ran for 52 days (3 sick days).

National Day sights on my runs (from top Left): Istana Park, residence along Swettenham Road, Asian Civilisations Museum.

I did some quilling for yet another dear friend who has left the country because of her husband’s job. (Butterflies tatted by Older Daughter)

Foods we enjoyed/experimented with (from top left, clockwise): Piggies filled with chocolate paste (from Yum Cha, our favourite Dim Sum place), Truffle Bao filled with truffled mushrooms (also from Yum Cha), cheddar & chive scones, strawberry cupcake, Mermaid cheesecake, cinnamon-pecan cake, Berry tiramisu.

As part of homeschooling, Younger Daughter and I made something together everyday in August. Mostly stir-fries (we are working on our “chopping” skills), but we did get around to treats as well. We were well fed.

This post is my contribution to The Changing Seasons hosted by Su at zimmerbitch.

18 Replies to “The Changing Seasons: August”

  1. Ju-Lyn, a time of change indeed and it sounds like you’ve had a wonderful family time these months! Congratulations on the 53 days of the run … that is impressive! Will you miss it? Yummy, I love the food pics and the quill present which is so creative!


    1. I have had very good family time – apart from the anxiety of the unknown & having to sort through the avalanche of information that we are bombarded with, and the concern for family & friends in places which were hotspots, we actually had a saner pace of life.

      Having a structure & a running goal was good (especially on the days when I was tempted to skip, but chose to hit the pavement anyway), but I am now back to a more relaxed pace of running.

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