The Wonderful World of Podcasts

I find myself in the world of podcasts rather belatedly, all of a sudden immersed in this fantastic place of possibilities, where one can immerse oneself in programmes ranging from Gin & Botanicals (BBC4: Food Programme) to the Migration of Birds (BBC4 Radio: In Our Time) to the whimsical quirky storyworld of Nightvale (Welcome to Nightvale). Continue reading “The Wonderful World of Podcasts”


Is anyone out there?

“I write for myself” was the excuse I used for the longest time for anyone who suggested that I made public my scribbles.  I was even a little embarrassed when my Big-Hearted Brother bound some of my poetry into a book as a birthday gift some decades ago.

But the reality is, whether one writes for catharsis or because there are things that just need to be said or for a particular purpose, there is a part of us that fears no one will read what is written, that they will be abandoned in a Jasper Fforde-ian Lost Well of Plots. Continue reading “Is anyone out there?”

Writing … with fountain pens

In considering what about my life I would save for posterity, I realised that while I love period movies, old architecture & baroque music, I have largely embraced technology & all the conveniences they afford.  Even the last stronghold, print books, have been replaced by my iPad mini.

There is still one thing which I strongly believe is better done the old fashioned way: writing.  Loving Husband & I write letters to each other regularly.  There is something special about penning a letter instead of sending an email or SMS (which we do plenty of as well for more mundane communication). Continue reading “Writing … with fountain pens”

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