last photo for September 2020

This post is my contribution to The Last Photo hosted by Brian at bushboy’s world.

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Small Pleasures: noodle pancake, seed bank, serenity

In the spirit of experimentation, I schooled my face as best as I could when Adventurous Younger Daughter wanted to try a recipe for Noodle Pancakes.

I had my doubts about the enterprise but I dutifully procured the ingredients called for and served as Sous Chef. We took the recipe from New Wok Cooking, although I did find variations online. I substituted wholegrain rice vermicelli for the plain noodle. As it turned out, they were rather delicious and pronounced a success.

Older Daughter and I popped into the Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank which had seed displays and workrooms on view.

It was an interesting & entertaining hour, which sparked off tangential conversations about the need for seed banks, global disasters and private enterprise stepping up.

It has been raining a great deal this week, so I enjoyed numerous cool and serene runs in the mornings.

I am inspired to gratefulness by Laurie’s Friday Favourites (NotesFromTheHinterland), ThistlesandKiwis’ This Week’s Small Pleasures, and LittlePiecesofMe’s Grateful Fridays.