Surprise! it’s a Black Bat Flower

Walking in the Learning Forest quite a bit last week, I have been surrounded by healing nature while rehabilitating the injured foot, I have enjoyed much conversation & exercise with Loving Husband because restrictions have been relaxed and we can now exercise with persons from the same household.

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Surprising Contrasts

There I am minding my footfall on the rocky slightly uneven trail when a unlikely flash of red stops me dead. On the usually quiet way from Dairy Farm Nature Park to Zhenghua Nature Park is a digger doing its work.
It occurs to me that the idea of refurbishing nature is quite funny, and not a little ironical.  But I suppose with rain and erosion, it is necessary to keep our trails well-maintained for safety reasons. Still. It is just an interesting contrast in sight & thought.

This is my contribution to Debbie’s One-Word Sunday challenge: Contrast

Nature as Muse

I loved the ocean as a child; we spent many happy weekends playing in the sun & sand, building sandcastles and eating sand-flecked chicken stew which my mother lovingly cooked & my father painstakingly carried to our picnic mat under a shady tree.  We took many seaside resort holidays, walking on many stretches of beach,  filling our buckets with treasures and poking at strange creatures in tide pools with our toes, fingers and sticks. Continue reading “Nature as Muse”

Natural World: Lesson 4 Leading Lines

A good photographer is a constant observer. Out in nature, we have opportunities to watch and study a scene, from big, sweeping changes — like the sky at dusk — to the tiniest details, like the subtle bends in bare branches.

While shooting outdoors, look for natural lines that lead your eyes to different parts of the frame. Study the bend of a stream, or the curve of a petal. How can you use these lines in your composition?  – Developing Your Eye II, Lesson 4: Leading Lines – Continue reading “Natural World: Lesson 4 Leading Lines”

Please grow!

Older Daughter & Loving Husband planted a handful of rosehip seeds which they harvested from a rosehip plant.  This little guy was the only one who sprouted.  Older Daughter checks on him every morning and evening, watering him carefully and tenderly. We are all waiting with her to see if more leaves will grow.    Continue reading “Please grow!”