The Changing Seasons: June 2019

Allow me to introduce my kooky family (me in the back row, tucked in the middle, Mom & Dad in front, Little Bro on my right, Little Sis on my Left). It took a whole series of shots amidst hysterical giggling as Loving Husband frantically tried to get a decent shot in where everyone’s eyes were open. Continue reading “The Changing Seasons: June 2019”

The Changing Seasons: January 2018

Following  Zimmerbitch is an eye-opening experience: Su’s photography is spectacular and her insights astute.  She has recently taken over the curation of The Changing Seasons, a monthly blogging event that celebrates the changes in our world throughout the year.  This past December, my 30-Day Challenge was to take a Photo-a-Day.  I had so much fun thinking & reflecting on the month through photos so when I saw Su’s contribution to The Changing Seasons, I just had to join in! Continue reading “The Changing Seasons: January 2018”

Bangkok’s Night Sky

Travelling is …

… family time

… new sights, sounds and smells

… the people

… the food

… a whole new world!

Feature photo: taken from Above Eleven, where we sampled Peruvian- Japanese cuisine and enjoyed the view.    In response to Daily Post’s Challenge: Wanderlust